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So, I've had a busy couple of months. May saw the launch of my research survey, the end of another school year, and Anime North. The entire month of June was lost to moving out of the duplex that my sister and I have lived in with various roommates for the past four or five years, which included clearing a lot of accumulated crap out of the basement and repainting most of the walls. July's main project was finding a venue and working out the details for Chris and my wedding (in September of next year). It ended on a somewhat negative note in that unexpected car repairs kept me from making it to Otakon.

This month's goal is to bust my butt getting ready for the next school year and working on my dissertation. Thankfully my only 'class' this coming semester is an independent reading session with my advisor focusing on theory for my dissertation and preparing grant applications. In that vein, I've posted an early 3-month update on my survey with a small sample of the data that I grabbed from the first 300 or so respondents and posted it on [community profile] fromtheether.
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So, my search for permanent employment continues. Have now had three job interviews... The last one was this morning at People Inc with people I worked with before, so I'm hoping I have somewhat of a better chance at getting that job. Will see. Forgot to ask when I should expect to hear back about the job... Oh well. It's been nice having some time off, as the last time I think I had more than a weekend off was maybe last summer, but I'm ready to do something again and would very much like a paycheck...

Still plugging along on the website I've been renovating. Should have it done in another few weeks, I hope.

I've also been slowly poking at my dissertation research. In an effort to digitize and collect my notes, thoughts, etc, I've revamped and renamed the old covarlaabroad community I had into From the Ether: On Fandom and Anthropology. The community is set up on both Livejournal From the Ether and Dreamwidth [community profile] fromtheether. My intention is to post field notes, papers, book reviews, links of interest, and general thoughts/discussion as I work my way through my dissertation. Hopefully blogging about it will help me to get into a routine of doing something with my research every few days... One can hope.

Started dating again. Actually been on a couple dates with a guy named Bill (not the one most of you know) for the last two weeks. Went to the Allentown Art Festival for the first time with him on Sunday. There were a lot of nice displays there, though I could have done without the crowd.

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