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So, today I had my first (and only) day of Orientation at the new job at People Inc. I'm looking forward to starting work again, and the paychecks that will come with it. I'm going to enjoy not having to find a new job every 6-10 months and actually getting a decent paycheck and health/life/etc insurance. The sad thing is I've already budgeted how I'm going to use that extra money to get some necessary things (like a cheap ass car so I can get to and from work) and paying back debt. It'll be quite nice to have that extra couple hundred dollars. Anyways, Orientation wasn't too bad. A lot of information, some of which wasn't relevant, some of which was, and a lot of paperwork (like health insurance). I'm looking forward to actually going to my regular workplace tomorrow and starting the actual training there though.

Going tomorrow with Dave to talk to the guy he got his used car from so I can see if I can get financing/ what I'll need to save up. Don't think I'll actually be able to afford a deposit til August or September, but it'll be nice to at least know what I'm looking at. 'twill be rather nice to actually have my own car eventually though, seeing as my work time and place doesn't actually lend to convenient car pooling...

This month will be interesting. Erin and Tim are moving out this week and Kaela in this weekend. Rather looking forward to painting Kaela's room. Might also paint the downstairs rooms while people are away at Otakon too... and do some massive cleaning of the carpets and surfaces... Also have a family reunion later this month (first one I've been to in a long while I think), Sterling Ren Faire, and then Ali and Denver's wedding at the beginning of next month.

This week also marks the halfway point of the summer for me, where I start to slightly panic about all the crap I need to get done before the beginning of the semester. While I don't actually have any classes anymore, I still have two papers to work on, some articles to write and attempt to get published, dissertation research proposal to redo, advanced exam questions to think up (and get a head start on the bibliographies), IRB proposal to write up, and grant applications to prepare. Dr. Tedlock and my committee do not know the mass of paperwork they'll be bombarded with in August.

And, on that note, I really should go to bed soon as I got next to no sleep last night and don't want a repeat of that. Hopefully, tonight my brain will shut off and the cats leave me alone...

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